Paying Forward

GHESKIO Health Clinic, Port au Prince, Haiti

Compressed Earth Block Housing

Restoration of Callan Workhouse

Taylor Farm, Vermont

Starboard Architects is challenged and enlivened by non-traditional architectural projects. We have reconstructed an 18th Century French military building and designed an intensive culture fish hatchery within the traditional architect and client relationships. We have also actively sought clients who are not in a typical pool, either through unfamiliarity with or inability to afford the standard process. We have leveraged our nonprofit contacts to create unique opportunities, both nationally and internationally that have allowed us to realize unique projects outside the bounds of conventional practice.
These projects have included:
  • Restoration of the Callan Workhouse, Co. Kilkenny Ireland
  • Compressed Earth Block Housing, Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota
  • Health Clinic GHESKIO, Port au Prince Haiti.
  • Site Plan Taylor Farm, Londonderry Vermont.